The world-renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto (†), an expert on water and water quality, has developed an exclusive process that can visualize the quality of a water and how water is affected by external influences, ie information.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (†) was a multiple author. For example, he wrote the internationally enthusiastically received books in the series "Messages of Water". Not least because of his "participation" in the 2005 film "What the bleep do we know" have changed the understanding in terms of consciousness, especially our reference to the topic of water. In addition, Dr. Emoto (†) For many years, he has been committed to peace and was aware of his role as ambassador. Dr. Emoto (†) conducted seminars all over the world.

With the "Test series water crystals" with a Willau Tronic® mobile phone chip (identical to WillauTech® chips) Dr. Ing. Masaru Emoto (†) tested the effectiveness of Willau Tronic® products using the example of a mobile phone chip. In these rather extensive investigations, he proceeded as follows:

"First of all we have a test tube with water attached to a cell phone and tested in different ways. The water was previously purified by a reverse osmosis filter. The pH of the water was virtually neutral, its mineral content was very low, and there was no additional information that affected the water. "

Such a water sample is used by default as a control group to ensure the most objective test result possible. All deviations in the test results are compared with the water crystals of the control group.

With water crystals of this almost pure water, it is noticeable how the water forms ice crystals whose six sides are almost completely symmetrical.

Elektrosmog Schutz Willautech


The water crystal pictured below was created after attaching the same water to a cell phone and taking it with 10 10-minute calls. The phone was not protected by a WillauTronic® chip. After adding a WillauTronic® chip to the phone, a water crystal with symmetrical sides, as shown above, formed again.

Wasser unter Handybestrahlung ohne Elektrosmog Schutz von Willautech