Licenses for contractors

Licenses for contractual partners Licenses for the distribution of WillauTech® products are contractually agreed and awarded individually. If you are interested please contact us via or via the contact form with the team of QURAID Technologies Ltd.

Advantageous aspects for prospective customers are medical or therapeutic training and activities, or existing distribution structures or activities in the field of alternative medicine, or alternative or regenerative technologies, as well as meaningful business plans for targeted marketing.


The amount of the protection fees due for a license depends on the number of inhabitants of the country as well as on the representable aspects described above and the potential derived from them. The fee is negotiated individually.



Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Licensees will be individually qualified and equipped through seminars, and can market the products in the name and on behalf of QURAID Ltd., or with their own label and on their own account. Further information can be requested by email via

Other countries

For possible licensing partners for other countries, communication takes place in English.