Information about the Willautech® Electrosmog Home Neutralizer

and other developments by Walter Wilhelm Laufs (†)


The WillauTech® Electrosmog Home Neutralizer is a semi-active product that generates neutralization of spurious frequencies through the programming of counter frequencies in the quantum physical field. For this, the neutralizer requires an electric field, but no flowing electricity, and therefore has no power consumption.


The neutralization process is called "destructive interference" because the wave troughs and wave crests (the amplitudes) are each superimposed by frequencies with the exact counter-wave. Thus, all detected interference frequencies are neutralized, the counter-frequency of which has been programmed.


In addition to the widely used mobile radio frequencies and those of WLAN, GPS, high and medium voltage, geoengineering and the usual electrical consumers in living and working areas, this also includes loads that emanate from water veins and earth dislocations, as well as from military installations and power plants. Since 2017, the interference frequencies that emanate from the new Smart Meters, the most modern version of the electricity meters, which ensure a constant exchange of information between consumers and energy suppliers for the operation of the "intelligent power grid" are also recorded. The old electricity meters are currently being successively replaced with the new smart meters.

Due to the fact that the detection of interfering frequencies has been carried out for years, ie without identifying the individual frequencies, it is conceivable that even disturbing frequencies are detected and neutralized, of whose existence we do not even know.


For a better understanding of the processes, we refer in the following to Biosignalmodulation, a diagnosis and therapy procedure, which is applied in the Naturheil- and Allergiezentrum at the Kaiserstuhl, Elsässerstr.22a in 79346 Endingen, and is based on the same basics of modern quantum physics as the Electrosmog Neutralization.

The work of the physicist, physician, construction biologist and alternative practitioner Walter Wilhelm Laufs (†)who has developed all these methods and products are based on insights, as for example by the famous quantum physicist Max Planck and Burkhard Heim were published.


In a nutshell, every manifestation in the physical world has a specific natural frequency already present in the subtle realm, because subtle fields represent a plane that precedes the physical plane in that matter can only arise through a process always have to go through the subtle fields first. In this respect, the subtle plane is to be regarded as a causal level for physical manifestations, which inevitably includes the manifestations of clinical pictures.


Biosignal modulation is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that addresses symptoms of disease from this subtle level (subtle field / upstream of the atomic level).

Mathematically explained, one would find that a healthy organ vibrates in a specific harmonic frequency, which can be described as 0 (zero / neutral). Accordingly, a diseased organ oscillates at a specific disharmonic frequency, which would be diagnosed as -7 (negative), or +3 (positive), for example.

The therapy by means of Biosignalmodulation (frequencies are taken over electrodes from the body and sent back modulated accordingly) takes place via the mirroring of disharmony (technically: destructive interference).

This means with respect to the mathematically explained example that the -7 is mirrored / transmitted / treated with the +7, causing the organ to return to the (computational) harmonic 0. In the example with the +3 would be treated with the -3. Since a mirrored 0 always gives a 0, side effects about the reflection of harmonic frequencies are excluded. This reflection corresponds to the above-described superimposition of wave troughs and wave crests of interfering frequencies or burdensome disharmonic frequencies.



Johannes Albert Trautmann, CEO


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