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Plug for neutralization of universal interference frequency at home and office.

Price: 250 €

Transponder-Chip MC to neutralize cell phone frequencies on the phone.

Price: 29 €

Transponder-Chip PC to neutralize interference frequencies from your computer.

Price: 29 €

Transponder-Chip to neutralize interference frequencies right on the body.

Price: 69 €

The name QURAID stands for "Quantumphysical Research And Information Design".

The QURAID Technologies Ltd. research in the field of quantum physical information, and develops products on the basis of the work of the physicist, physician, building biologist and naturopath Walter Wilhelm Laufs (†). Through licensed distribution partners such as therapists, doctors or agencies, the products are offered in different countries.

The QURAID Technologies Ltd. offers its know-how and their experiences either online, or through lectures and seminars to interested partners, and supplies the developed products either directly or through distribution partners.

Products to protect against electromagnetic pollution loads and other interfering frequencies such as water veins and earth faults are beeing developed in Gibraltar as well as the many years successfully used bio-resonance therapy devices are sold under the name WillauTech®, which are mainly being produced in Portugal and marketed through licensed distributors.

Philosophy and Research


Many new developments are on the verge of product maturity and in the years 2019 and 2020 for the license partners and their customers, or for end customers directly via the shop of QURAID Ltd. to be available.


So products to improve the water quality in swimming pool installations, or for environmentally friendly neutralization of pests and plant diseases are developed, for example.

Futher products will appear which neutralize the damage caused by microwave ovens by modifing the molecular structure in water and foo , or even products for refrigerators and cold stores to extend the shelf life of food.

Measures to neutralize the harmful electromagnetic fields in modern cars, especially in electric vehicles, are in progress.

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The development of the possibilities of quantum physics have been discovered long time ago but their implementation in useful everyday products and health has only just begun.

Independent studies confirm effectiveness

Walter Wilhelm Laufs (†):

Electromagnetic pollution damages health

Electromagnetic fields have thermal and non-thermal effects on the bioorganism, with athermal effects (so far) with the instruments of the recognized science can not be captured (more on this later). The science is based on two assumptions that may apply to a technical system well, but not at a biological:

To my mind (SAR) in the specific absorption rate is erroneously assumed that electromagnetic fields with reduced energy input (intensity) have a smaller effect on the body's interior.

Science also postulated that the relevant Technical skin effect would be valid also for the bioorganism.

When the technical skin effect the energy penetration decreases inside the conductor with increasing frequency. In other words, the higher the frequency, the less energy penetrates allegedly inside the body (specific absorption). It is further concluded that the power line only works successfully on the skin surface and that inside effects are not being expected.

This rule is being transferd into the investigaton - in my opinion wrongly - equally to the electrically conducting human tissue.

Wrong conditions dilute the facts

These assumptions are wrong, as in animals all surface areas of the body are connected by reflex to internal organs. Therefore, weak surface stimuli often trigger particularly strong effects inside the body. Especially in biological medicine for this condition is used systematically.

In acupuncture, as well as in reflexology disproportionate depth effects are achieved through fine surface stimulation. Moreover, the investigators influence the results, if they determine the load acting on average calculations.

If the field strength of the pulsed signals over a certain period of time arithmetically averaged only a mathematical minimization game is played. With the specific biological effect that has nothing to do. Rather, this depends on the maximum value (peak), the long-term exposure and the rhythm of the stimulus.

This mistaken assumption scientists did not evaluate the effects of specific impulse, but his average to the time load. How inadequate this method is shown by the example of a hammer is repeatedly struck by a foot. After calculating the researchers, this action would be quite reasonable, because the foot is not exposed to the blows continuously and the average force averaged over the time of exposure.

Inverted Harmonized Information Technology

The iHIT® ™ technology which has been developed by me and used (the acronym iHIT® ™ is derived from inverted harmonized information technology) was born from my understanding of science, which says that - contrary to the opinion of the established science - not all things are measurable, but that the major action takes place in rather subtle area.

This consideration is one in the Far Eastern cultures general knowledge and obviously finds its application in everyday life.

That there must be subtle, non-material levels has long been accepted by scientists such as Albert Einstein or Max Planck, and for about 20 years this assumption has been confirmed by observations and conclusions. Described and proved mathematically, however, it has for the first time the German physicist Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) in his scientific paper entitled "The extended uniform quantum field theory".

Not measurable but mathematically provable

In addition, I do not postulate to have fully understand the home work of Burkhard Heim but many of my own thoughtsdo find a scientific confirmation here.

. Moreover, the home work of Burkhard Heim confirms, which is why it was so far failed me to design a measurement system by which the presentation of subtle operations would have been technically possible measured. This was an extremely important finding.

Although I devoted a lot of time to the development of said measuring system, according to Heim's work it inevitably had to turn out to be an impossible undertaking, because Heim has written in a paper entitled "Structures of the physical world and its non-material side". Dröscher 1996 in Resch publishing house, Innsbruck, published) mathematically twelve dimensions proved.

According to Heim, the first six dimensions exist in the physical nature and the second six dimensions belong to intangible / informational nature prove.

The causes for electromagnetic pollution and the resulting symptoms to therapy resistance were now clearly understandable for me. So I set out to put my theoretical considerations technically.

Such an undertaking could or however can only lead to the goal, if one has both solid physical skills as well as a sufficient medical knowledge. I first had to develop a method and device to electronically store the energy changes that occur in the body during exercise.

Next, a procedure with appropriate devices had to be developed to modulate this electronically stored information onto corresponding carrier materials. Subsequently, it was necessary to find suitable carrier materials on which the information could be stored permanently, instead of becoming ineffective again after a short time.

"Only after this tedious and imminently important" preliminary work "was satisfactorily completed could I begin to experiment with different products. It quickly became apparent that, contrary to my conception, it was impossible to make a universal product, as no positive effect on the patient could be proven with such a product.

Because of this finding, patient studies had to be carried out in the different frequency ranges. The results of these studies enabled me to develop the final products in their present form. With these completed and technically mature products, I again conducted double-blind studies in my clinic. After graduation, a number of INDEPENDENT international studies were conducted, which unanimously confirmed my findings in all respects. "


  • University Study, University of South Australia, Sept. 2004, Australia, 

  • GDV International GmbH, under the direction of Dr. med. Roberto A. Boschi †, Switzerland, using the gas-discharge-visualization method according to Prof. Korotkov

  • Dark field diagnosis according to Enderlein, carried out by Prof. Dr. med. med. habil. Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst, Germany

  • Hado-Labor Europe (Water Crystal Image Research by Dr. Masaru Emoto †), Liechtenstein

  • Dr. med. Veronika Löhnert, Independent Research Center, Radiesthesia Measurements, Vienna, Austria

  • ETAScan testing, IFBIO: Institute of Bioenergetics, Vienna, Austria

  • DFM (Diagnosis for Functional Medicine) analogous to EEG and ECG measurement, Germany

  • Viktor vital point diagnostics, analogous to Prognos examination, Germany

  • Kinesiological Examinations, Natural and Allergy Center Friedrichshöhe, Germany (Walter Wilhelm Laufs †)

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